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Dalat, whose landscapes beautiful, natural and romantic, has long become one of the city's most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. Dalat city is a city of pine forests where the air is always chilly, and its people stay closely with the nature.
These above things have made Dreaming Hill as a great city tourist attraction for everyone to visit and explore at least once.
Overall view of Dreaming Hill

Dream Hill with a total area of 12 hectares is located from the north of the center of Dalat only 4 km on the way to Valley of Love.
Dreaming Hill is embellished from Dragon Lake, which was constructed in 1978 and converted into a tourist resort since 1992, has now been transformed into a self-contained resort with a total new face. Mong Mo Hill resort is a tourist destination launched in 2003 to celebrate 110 years of Dalat formation and development.

Going to Mong Mo Hill Resort, visitors not only enjoy thousands blooming flowers in an attractive romantic atmosphere but also have extremely interesting experiences with a variety of tourist services here, such as stone inserts floral art, gold waterfall, lakes, restaurants, sport zones, leisure centers and souvenir shops.
Dream Hill also contains a great number of flowers with different colors, green grass all year round, and new kinds of flowers with bright colors. They are in beautiful design to create sympathy for the visitors in the first look.
Although it is a new-born tourist attraction, Dream Hill has soon become one of the most popular destinations for tourists when they come to Dalat city, the City of flowers.
Here visitors can enjoy artificial architectures in harmony with the natural landscape of sub Great Wall stretching across the hills about 2 km to over 300 year- old house emulated original Binh Dinh beam houses. These artificial architectures remind tourists of ancient people’s life in the past. Moreover, natural stone- gardens which are full of colors and strange plants brightly blooming in gardens around Mong Mo Hill help travelers have new feelings and relaxation.
Dream Hill Resort Attracts Tourists.

Both Cong Chieng stage and ethnic cultural village are main tourist attractions here. Ngoc Thanh Joint Stock Company has invested in building the Cong Chieng stage whose roof is colorful pied fantail. Besides, the stage and three steps staircase made of stone have a capacity of 550 seats on the terrain high slope of the land; therefore, this arrangement creates a spatial link culture.
At Dream Hill Resort, visitors can enjoy both Cong Chieng Highland performance and enjoy barbecue with pipe wine, or they also order their own favorable shows in the evening.
Additionally, visitors can play mini golf in all 9 holes with very reasonable prices for all ages. Coming to the hill, visitor is attracted by individual therapeutic services - visitors will be immersed in water and “fish doctors” will remove dead cells and stimulate new cells born.
Dreaming Hill Resort, which is truly a unique tourism product unique, has contributed to the nuances of the landscape and Dalat people; therefore, visitors should not miss it while visiting Dalat, a charming land of fog.
Location: 05. Mai Anh Đào Street, Ward 8, Dalat city