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The Valley of Love is located in the Northeast which is 6 km from Dalat city, Valley of love is one of the poetic beauty-spots of Dalat.

There are many ways to explain the name: Valley of Love.

- Among 1930s, Governor-general of Indochina - Mr. Varenne and a lot of French couples used to come here to sightseeing and exchange confidences on weekends. So, the French called the place Vallée D'amour (the Valley of Love). Until 1953, Mr. Nguyen Vy, chairman of Dalat at that time suggested to change all the French names of lakes and streets in Dalat city into Vietnamese names. Then, the name Valley of love appeared. This name exists till today.

-At that time, boy and girl scouts usually went camping at Da Thien valley and named it "the Valley of Love" with its meaning of the love for nature and country.

Tourists coming to Dalat never forget visiting this valley because of its romance and beautiful sight. It becomes more and more popular for visitors.

The Valley of Love was recognized as a National-level Beauty-spot in 1998.

- Add: 7 Mai Anh Dao Street, ward 8, Dalat city, Lamdong province