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Langbiang Mountain is located in Lac Duong district which is 12 km from Dalat in the North. With its height of 2,169m above the sea level, Langbiang Mountain has not only been an attractive tourist site but also kept a legend about a passionate love.

According to the old people, there was a love story of K'Lang (a boy of Lach minority people) and Ho-biang (a girl of Chil minority people)

Their families both lived at the foot of the mountain. They met each other by chance and then they were beloved. However, they were at different tribes, so Ho-biang couldn't get married to K'Lang.

Finally, they decided to overcome their strict customs and got married. Then they left their hometown and came to live in a place in the top of the mountain. One day, Ho-biang was ill, K'Lang managed to cure his wife but she couldn't get over her illness. K'Lang decided to go back Ho- biang village to inform people about her illness. However, because Chil people hated him, they prepared a bow and a poisoned arrow to kill him.

Suddenly, Ho-biang went to stand before K'Lang to prevent her husband from the arrow. The arrow shot her and she died. K'Lang cried a lot and he also died. His tear turned into a scream that we call DanKia now.

After the death of K'Lang and Ho-biang, the father of Bian realized what he did before was wrong, so he united all the hill tribes of Lach, Chil, Sre, etc and they all became one hill tribe, K'ho. Since then, the boys and girls of the hill tribes can get married with each other. The tombs of Lang and Biang turned into two mountains standing with each other, so the local people gave the name Langbiang for the mountains.

Nowadays, Langbiang tourist site has been known by a lot of local and foreign tourists with its multiform biology of plants, animals and its attractive amusements such as climbing mountain, camping, taking eco-tours and researching native culture.