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Dalat railway station is one of the most beautiful and original architectural works of Dalat and Vietnam.

In the past, it was one of the most beautiful Railway Station of Indochina. Mixing of French-Vietnamese culture, old but classy, simple but unique makes it always attracts many visitors. Dalat railway station is far from the city center about 2 kilometres, located on Quang trung street


Steam locomotive are the most special the station. Because the route passes through complex mountainous, it be designed by steam locomotive and serrated rail imported from Switzerland - unique in Vietnam - pull the train safe uphill.

Dalat Railway Station has shaped like the majestic Lang Bian mountain, like the architecture of station in the South of France. With the tilting roof design helps rapid drainage and a lot of colorful windows which made the bright creates strong impression for visitors. Also, symbol clock above the mountain peaks record time Alexandre Yersin found Dalat.


In the past, there were two daily trains from Dalat to Nha Trang and Dalat to Saigon with three compartments for passengers and one for goods. However, during the Vietnam wars, the railways and station became the target of bombing and they were seriously destroyed. After the national unification in 1975, the railways were repaired and put back into use.


At present, the steam locomotive acts difficult, so the station only moves within 7 kilometres from Dalat to Trai Mat. Although the train is slowly runs and sonorous locomotive, attract visitor, when you sit on the train, you can see orchards, fields of vegetables and flowers, pine trees and lakes. Here, you can visit the Linh Phuoc Pagoda - where unique architecture and wins many the Guinness record of Southeast Asia.


Dalat Railway Station wins the records of vietnam as:

- Highest Station.

- The oldest station (with Haiphong station.)

- Single steam train.

- The most unique Station.

- Best beautiful Station.