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The Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park was established in 2004 and is named after the two highest peaks of the Lang Biang plateau: Bidoup (2,287m) and Nui Ba (2,167m). With a total area of 70,038 hectares, the BNBNP ranks as one of the largest national parks in Vietnam.


At altitudes between 650m and 2,287m, 91% of the area is covered by forest of many types: evergreen, open coniferous, broadleaf-coniferous mixed forest, high-mountain dwarf forest, mossy, bamboo, broadleaf-bamboo mixed forest, and grassland.
The park is one of four national biodiversity centers of Vietnam. It nurtures rich biodiversity and the biogeography of conifers.
The park is among 221 bird watching areas in the world. The park includes 3 Important Bird Areas (IBA) among 63 IBAs in Vietnam with 226 different species.
There are over 1,923 recorded species of vascular plants including 96 endemic and 62 rare species which are listed in the IUCN Red Book.

The Park is home to over 20 conifer species present in Vietnam including many endemic and rare species, namely the Krempf’s pine, Vietnamese white pine, and Himalayan yew.
The Park is home to over 422 species of vertebrate animals from 30 orders and 98 families. Thirty two are listed in the IUCN Red Book including many valuable, rare animals such as the pygmy loris, black-shanked douc, yellow-cheeked crested gibbon, sun bear, asiatic black bear, asian alpinus, gaur, and serow.
Coming to Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park, tourists will not only learn about the biodiversity through documents but also discover Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park in person through ecotourism trails crossing the forests.
Besides, tourists will be guided by community people along journey. In addition to legends, romance stories told by the locals living here, tourists learn about local livelihoods through environmental interpretation about medicinal plants, food, tools and about the local community living in harmony with the forests.

Daily organized Tours to Visit The Bidoup Nui Ba National Park:


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BIDOUP TRAIL (17 Km - 2D 1N)

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Thien Thai waterfall trail ~ Bidoup Nui Ba National Park